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Multilanguage site

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The group of people visiting the "NSU-Riders" website has long gone beyond the framework of the Polish home yard. It is true that there are currently possibilities of translating websites with automatic translators, but this is a substitute solution, often unreliable and too complicated, and thus deterring some Internet users. So there is a growing need to make a multilingual website. I had approached the subject before, but lacked enthusiasm. Now I made another attempt. For now, I've only made navigation in the additional languages DE (German) and EN (English in the GB version). The next step will be to translate key content - first from the newest content towards the older ones.

I do not plan to introduce other languages at the moment. But the topic is not definitively closed and depends on the number of possible users operating in other languages and the availability of a person who can correct the initial automatic translations.

What do you think about all this? Is this a step in the right direction? What content would you like to have translated first?
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