Base of 45th “Rotor Rally" was located in the Waszeta resort near Olsztynek. For as long as I can remember, the organizers had 3 locations to choose from. This year's selection was better than last year, although I was counting on the resort, which was the base of the 42nd rally ( I remember it because of the large, sunny spaces, a playground for children, new cottages and a lake with slides. This location was perfect for families with children. I don't know why, but until the very end I was convinced that we were going there, which I passed on to the children. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be different, although as it turned out later it wasn't that bad.

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The entrance to the rally area itself was very pleasant. The weather was good, the children in the car were happy and the smiling organizers seemed happy and relaxed. I thought it was some kind of trick, but when I've already traveled such a long way, it's a shame to worry.

We quickly paid the entry fee, received rally materials and went deeper into the resort in search of a free place to pitch a tent. Driving through the resort, one could feel peace and contentment among the participants. No one was in a hurry anywhere, everyone greeted everyone, smiles did not come off anyone's lips and motorcycles slowly filled the spaces between the houses. When we pitched the tent and got acquainted with the neighbors, the organizers arrived on a motorcycle. We were politely but firmly asked to park the motorcycle in the central “machine parking”. Here I have to say that the idea of a central machine parking is a very good idea. Each of the participants had to absolutely leave the motorcycle to the designated place, which was protected by a hired Security Agency. This had another advantage. All motorcycles were accumulated in one place, so you could go there and watch everything in one place. I must mention here that the organizers, when asking us to put the motorcycle away, did it very politely and somehow "nicely / casually". No one growled at anyone, no one shouted, he just explained with a smile what had to be done. It immediately caught my eye that this year the organizers show such calmness and distance.

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As I had to look after the children, I went to bed quite early. The night passed peacefully and without excesses. There were no drunken, night motorcycle rides around the resort, no screaming, noise or brawling. People integrated in front of the cottages or in front of the central bonfire. You could go up to anyone and sit down. Meet new people and make friends.

Day 1 of the rally (Friday) started at 9:00 am. After the briefing, all the crews arrived at the start and were released every minute. The route was planned to cover 160 km, which is quite a long distance but also a very good one. Not too little and not too much, just right. The route, as it turned out later, was planned very interestingly. It led along picturesque roads crossing small villages and towns. Sometimes we rode gravel into the forests to stop after a while in clearings where driving skills tests and knowledge competitions were organized.

Here I must point out that I was once again surprised by the Rotor team. As each of you knows, each round of the MPPZ must include skills tests and knowledge competitions. For as long as I can remember, agility trials have always been complicated and you couldn't do them with a child in a sidecar. Last year I had to argue with the staff all the time that I wanted to enter the rehearsal with my child. Assurances that I would drive slowly were of no avail. Some of the staff did not understand the argument that I wanted to overcome the test so that the kid sitting in the sidecar would take part and feel a part of the Rally. Last year, according to some PZMot (Polish Motor Association) regulations, all skills tests had to be performed only by the motorcycle driver. This year, the organizers allowed a deviation and the kids in the sidecar could take part in the rehearsals. It was a 10 shot! The children were delighted that they are fighting for points in the competition and are part of the rally. Already after the first PKP (Passage Control Point), my kids wanted to go on and compete with other crews by throwing balls to the target or navigating between the posts. Another thing was to simplify the slaloms between the cones. Personally, I hate complicated and contrived trials where you have to memorize the route. With my soul on my shoulder I was going from PKP to PKP, afraid that in a moment I would hit a slalom that no one would remember. I was very happy that the guys from Rotor planned interesting and surprising competitions that were for everyone, especially for children. We must realize that children are the next generation that will take over our rallies and our “scrap”.

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As I have already mentioned, the route of the rally led along charming roads interrupted every few dozen kilometers by competitions, refreshments or places where there was something to see. The organizers came up with a great idea: On the whole route there were several places where you had to keep the set average speed. Thanks to such a simple procedure, people did not go crazy to make it on time and it was safe. There were no jams in the tests. Around 5 p.m. the crews started to descend to the rally base. No one was mentally exhausted from the competitions or the route. Once again I was surprised by the calm, relaxed and cheerful approach of the organizers to the participants. No one barked at anyone, no one scolded anyone. This approach worked for everyone and lasted all day. The first day of the rally passed surprisingly pleasantly. I kept thinking, when will this change? Throughout the afternoon and evening, all the children from the entire resort played together running between the cottages.

To be honest, I was a little afraid of the next day. On Saturday, an elegance contest and an off-road rally test in Olsztynek are planned. Last year, the elegance contest was horribly boring and tiring. We spent half the day on some concrete square in a small village where nothing was happening. I was afraid that as a parent, I would not be able to control the bored kids waiting for the competition ride.

The organizers surprised me again. The competition itself took place on the castle square in Olsztynek, which was located partly in the open area and partly in the park under the walls of the Teutonic castle. No one was bored because several attractions were planned. Near this charming place there were ice cream parlors, a playground and the most interesting attraction, i.e. a car with professional workshop tools provided by the sponsor of the rally. The sponsors did not make any problems for the children to touch and see the tools, which resulted in buying a few trinkets in their online store. It is known not from today that: "What the shell absorbs when young, it smacks of in old age.." The competition of elegance itself also pleasantly surprised me. Unlike those from previous years, it was possible to take part in it with the whole family, provided that the journey was peaceful. The organizers once again emphasized that the Rally is also for children who will take over our hobby in the future.

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After the elegance contest, it's time for rally and off-road tests at the nearby airport. Upon arrival, I was once again pleasantly surprised. The organizer has established 2 zones. One was intended for adults, where you could have fun riding in the sand around the cones, and the other zone for children. Thanks to this procedure, parents could try their hand at a field trial and children were provided with agility competitions with small prizes. In the afternoon we returned to the resort where a sumptuous outdoor refreshment was waiting for us and then a commander's ball where diplomas and awards were given. The last sensational move of the boys from Rotor was honoring all children with small gifts and diplomas "for brave pilots" in individual age categories. It was so important that the kids felt appreciated and noticed.

To sum up, I must say that this year the organizers rose to the occasion and created a great rally for everyone. To be honest, I was very afraid that it would be a slow and short rally with many competitions crammed together. This year, the organizers focused on having fun for everyone. "Cup hunters" could fight for points in the MPPZ and families with children could have fun. I hope next year will be at least as good as the one from 2023.